The MyFlora website allow the FPM and TFSS publication made available online and separated as fascicles in PDF format. The Flora of Peninsular Malaysia has separate series of publications for::

  • Series I: Ferns and Lycophytes
  • Series II: Gymnosperms

Meanwhile, the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak (TFSS) is made available online for the Seed Plants. [Note: Gymnosperm family like Araucariaceae is included too]

Recognising that the Orchidaceae is by far the largest family in Peninsular Malaysia, this family is dealt with separately to ensure that revisions of orchid genera are published in a timely manner. The manuscripts are submitted to the Malesian Orchid Journal which serves as a repository for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia (Orchidaceae). The revisions are published in varying length depending on the size of the subfamilies or genera involved. To keep track of progress for the Flora, orchid genera already revised are indicated in bold with details of publications listed below for further readings.

This website page will be updated when new volumes are published in the FPM and TFSS series. Updates for families will be available accordingly.

Fascicle Regional Volume Author(s) Title Category Year ISBN View(s)
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 S. Syahida-Emiza Aizoaceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 70
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 A.T. Nor-Ezzawanis Anisophylleaceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 42
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 M.J.E. Coode Elaeocarpaceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 37
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 W.J.J.O de Wilde & B.E.E. Duyfjes Myristicaceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 50
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 R.C.K. Chung Nyssaceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 29
Flora of Peninsular Malaysia 7 W.J.J.O. de Wilde & B.E.E. Duyfjes Passifloraceae Angiosperms 2018 978-967-2149-28-6 71